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Baby death milk found on sale online

By Zha Minjie (Shanghai Daily)

10:15, December 24, 2011

BABY milk withdrawn by a supermarket chain in the United States after a child died after drinking it is being sold by online retailers in China.

The China branch of Mead Johnson Nutrition said yesterday it does not sell Enfamil powdered milk in China. But Mead Johnson conceded it was difficult to control unofficial imports.

And a random check of online stores by Shanghai Daily yesterday found Enfamil milk powder on sale. Some vendors claim their stocks are imported privately from America.

Sales records showed some deals were even just made yesterday despite concerns about the product surfaced.

Mead Johnson sought to assure the safety of its products in China yesterday in the wake of Enfamil powdered baby formula being removed by Wal-Mart from more than 3,000 of its stores in the US.

This followed the death of a 10-day-old baby after being infected with cronobacter, a rare bacteria that could have been contracted through drinking tainted milk.

The Chinese branch of Mead Johnson said the US company is "assisting the American health department in finding the source of the infant's infection" and there is no proof so far that the death was related to the formula. Mead Johnson said it strictly monitors both raw material and products. "Any substance found to pose any health problems is immediately rejected," a spokesman said.

It added that China's border inspection and quarantine authorities perform a second round of checks on imported goods.

In the US, a batch with the lot number ZP1K7G were removed from Wal-Mart stores as a precaution following the death of Avery Cornett in Missouri last Sunday.

Shanghai commerce and industry authorities said they are monitoring the case, but also said that the products are not on sale locally.

They said there were no plans to withdraw other Mead Johnson products.

American regulators are testing the powdered formula, along with water used to prepare the product and clothes the child wore, said the US Food and Drug Administration.


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