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Building collapse blocks traffic near 3rd Ring Road

By Chen Xin and An Baijie  (China Daily)

09:33, December 24, 2011

While being demolished on Friday, part of a building collapsed near the East Third Ring Road in Beijing and the site of the new CCTV building. (Photo from China Daily)

BEIJING - While being demolished, a three-story building partly collapsed onto a road near this city's East Third Ring Road on Friday.

The accident caused no injuries but damaged four vehicles that were passing by.

The building stands near the new China Central Television (CCTV) building in Beijing's Central Business District.

It collapsed onto Chaoyang Road at about 11:10 am, Wang Yu, a Chaoyang District police officer, said on Friday afternoon.

"We received a phone call saying a building had collapsed in the Chaoyang district," Wang said. "We immediately dispatched more than 20 policemen to keep order there."

The building was being demolished by a company named Hua'ao House Demolition Ltd, which could not be reached for comment by press time. The reason for the accident is still unknown.

Wang Yanlong, a 50-year-old newspaper seller who witnessed the accident, said four vehicles were damaged by the collapsing building - one seriously and the other three less so.

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vmLgJyqdur at 2012-03-1191.224.161.*
Thanks for sharing your ogtuhhts Amanda. You bring up some interesting points.One of the most overlooked aspects of travel is education. We often think of travel as a vacation, or time to relax, but it is always more than that. It is an opportunity for education. When we travel, we are taken out of our comfort zone, we find ourselves in new situations and, for me at least, I find I am more aware of what is going on around me. Back here in the UK I tend to walk around in a dream most of the time. This has been demonstrated to me whenever I have taken Chinese (or others) around London. They ask questions, they notice things that I have walked past regularly for the past 20 odd years but have never once noticed myself. I find this wonderful. It isn't often that we get to have our eyes opened to the seemingly familiar things around us. It is travel that gives us this opportunity.You are indeed correct to point out that only is absolute. There are many places I haven't had the pleasure of visiting, and many I never will visit. In this particular post, the use of only is also incorrect for another reason, I have seen people urinating on public transport in the UK, indeed, only yesterday someone on Twitter exclaimed that they'd seen a grown man urinating in the local high street. This isn't something that happens only in China. The title was meant to be humorous, but thinking about it now, it is the write title for this series of posts. There are things that can have happened only in China, and they are my observations, my feelings and my reactions to the events I saw whilst travelling. They couldn't have happened anywhere else.The observations are neither good or bad in themselves, they are just observations. I hope to steer away from talk of rise or decline and better or worse as I agree with you, everything is a cycle. At any particular point in the cycle we can look to someone standing opposite us and say, I want what they have. But we could just as easily ask ourselves, What can I learn from them? I guess you sum it up quite well: Why don't we just take it easy and observe with a sense of humour?Out of interest, do you have the original Chinese for your saying?[Note:] Your English is brilliant, but if there is anything I have written that you would like me to explain differently, I will happily do so. I will send you my email address if you don't wish to ask here on the comments.

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