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"School bus" listed on Top 10 Internet Phrases 2011

By Gui Jie (China Youth Daily)

14:23, December 23, 2011

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

On Dec. 20, the HDwiki, People's Daily Online Public Opinion Monitoring Center, Language and Culture Press and Tencent Blog jointly published the Top 10 International Phrases 2011 in the National Library of China.

The Chinese character "Xian", which means to limit, was elected as the Chinese character of the year. The ten phrases are: hold zhu (hold on), qiao bu si (Jobs), gao tie (high-speed railway), di gou you (hogwash oil), xiao che (school bus), Guo Meimei, shang bu qi (too delicate to bear a blow), PM2.5, yao yan (salt panic-buying), zhan ling hua er jie (Occupy Wall Street).

Tian Kewu, vice general-editor of the Beijing Youth Daily and a commentator on current affairs, said that the phrase “school bus” was originally not special enough to be listed on the top 10 phrases. It was chosen simply because tens of children were killed in school bus accidents this year. This is a tragedy of the times.


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