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Amazon attacked for rotten apple

By Wei Na   (Global Times)

13:31, December 22, 2011

A Beijing consumer stepped forward yesterday to criticize Amazon China for allegedly selling refurbished goods as new. Amazon responded to the accusation declaring it an "exceptional case."

The Beijing resident surnamed Jiang, ordered an Apple notebook last Saturday for 10,875 yuan ($1,717) from the website, but discovered scratches on the surface of the machine, the Beijing Times reported yesterday.

Jiang visited Apple's Xidan Joy City store in Xicheng district the same day and found that the license had been activated in September, reducing the one year warranty.

The publicity department of Amazon China was not answering the phone yesterday.

One Amazon customer service employee who declined to be named said that returning or replacing an Apple product is only possible if it has first passed a "quality inspection" from a licensed Apple store. She denied any knowledge of refurbished products sold as new.

"It's an exceptional case, but we replaced Jiang's computer with a new one," Jin, an Amazon publicity employee had told the Beijing Times.

"Customers should be careful buying products from other dealers because they may sell refurbished products as new ones for the same price," said a sales manager surnamed Liao from Apple Beijing. "It's not our responsibility if this happens," he added.

Apple sells "refurbished products" at a discount of 1,000 to 2,000 yuan via the Apple online store, all of which pass quality inspection first, Liao added.

On August 18, the Global Times reported about six Beijing consumers, who had allegedly purchased used iPhones sold as new from the official Apple store in Xidan. Two of them filed lawsuits against Apple in Xicheng district court and are awaiting results.

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