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40 arrested in bust of major drug syndicate

By Li Qian (Shanghai Daily)

09:22, December 20, 2011

A Taiwan-based drug-trafficking syndicate has been busted with 40 members arrested and over 353 kilograms of drugs seized in what was described as the largest drug-smuggling case ever in the southernmost province of Hainan.

Police launched a joint raid in several provinces, seizing 9.939 million yuan (US$1.57 million) and 170,500 Taiwan dollars (US$5,609) in cash, Hainan news portal reported yesterday.

Also seized were a gun, 14 cars and a cargo ship, the paper said, citing the police.

The transnational ring collected drugs, including ketamine and ice drug in Sichuan, Hunan and Guangdong provinces and delivered them to Hainan Province by cars.

The ring members in Hainan then smuggled the drugs to Taiwan via ship, the police said.

Police were tipped off on July 3 that a cargo ship was anchored in Hainan after several ringleaders had gathered. More than 100 police officers launched the joint raid on July 16. A ring member surnamed Xu was the first to be arrested, as 255 kilograms of ketamine was seized in his home in Sanya, Hainan.

Another 26 drug traffickers apprehended in Hainan were found later in hotels, bars, rental houses and docks in the provincial capital Haikou, Sanya and Chengmai, police said.

The syndicate was smashed on July 17 as the remaining 13 members of the main drug ring were caught in several other provinces.

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