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Education ministry denies exam leak

By Lu Feiran   (Shanghai Daily)

20:21, December 19, 2011

China yesterday denied there has been another leak of a national English proficiency test paper, following rumors online.

The Ministry of Education said the exam went on smoothly on Saturday, dismissing claims that the paper was uploaded online 20 minutes before the test started.

The ministry said authorities nationwide have held 45 people suspected of spreading "malicious information" during the exam - including four who they say spread rumors in a bid to defame the exam.

Meanwhile, the ministry said authorities have also cracked down on 14 gangs for allegedly earlier engaging in cheating at the College English Test (CET).

The test, a major benchmark in the graduate job-seeking process, has faced persistent criticism in recent years, with reports of widespread cheating and leaks.

In addition to papers being published online, there have been cases of candidates paying for answers in advance.

"I paid for the CET answers and hope it works," wrote one web user on a forum recently.

According to the statistics of the Ministry of Education, more than 9.2 million students participated in the test. People can sit the exam repeatedly to improve their score.

Critics say the test has developed into a tool for finding a job rather than reflecting students' English level.

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