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English town in rural Beijing a castle in the air

By Li Qian (Shanghai Daily)

20:19, December 19, 2011

The plan to build an English-style town in suburban Beijing where Chinese speaking is taboo has been vetoed, a Miyun County spokesman says.

Wang Haichen, the mayor of Miyun County, proposed the whimsical plan at a local congress meeting, which immediately raised controversy. The spokesman absolved him from the blame, saying it wasn't his idea, Beijing Youth Daily reported today.

A company planned to build a large English-only community to create the illusion of being abroad, but the county government has vetoed it, the spokesman told the newspaper.

According to Wang's earlier statement, a local village would be turned into a 67-hectare castle with 16 courtyards of English-style houses.

Some netizens supported Wang's plan to build an international tourism resort but they pointed out that saying English doesn't mean globalization.

Wang was also accused of lavishing millions of yuan in taxpayer's money on the project.

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PD User at 2011-12-20119.167.225.*
"because these traits are born and inbedded in their culture,..."Beg to differ; these traits are not born, they are instilled in them from young, and by the good examples set by the adults! There is no reason why the Chinese can"t behave just as well and stop their spitting and littering, driving through red lights, parking on pavements, smoking in no-smoking places, etc!
CK Wong at 2011-12-20124.82.102.*
The genius developer who had came up with this Eglis town or what fantacy its" called, nevetheless for sure did not understand the meaning of English Twon, a yellow skin trying to be white skin is what we call "Banana man",- yellow outside but white in the heart, or a chinese but speak only English. I am not trying to be racist or being rude. A Chinese is a Chinese and an English , Englis, you can not change it. The heart won"t change. Now let put it in another way, a Chinese will never be and Englishman, even though you forget about your Mandarin, your daily rice and pooridge and dimsum, and changed to steak and kidney pie and drink red tea with milk, you still a Chinese, secongly, some of the quality of Englishman such as the gentlement behaviour, the mannerism of English family and their balanced believe in science and God, sometime witty but humourous and their sense of resposibility towards the society is not easy to copy not say to learn, because these traits are born and inbedded in their culture, yes, you should not forget they have football hooligans and skinheads, can Chinese do it as good as them. To the English, the Chinese are hard working, thriving, clever but shrewd, selfish, noisy and at time unrully. Don"t gorget history ib China have had Japanese, British, German,and Franch territory that split China apart in the 19th century, respect other culture is good but change yourself into one completely is impossible and taboo.

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