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Trapped in their new gender

By Wang Shutong (Global Times)

11:03, December 19, 2011

(Global Times Photo)

Acid Chen's thin, young body is covered by a fashionable grey coat, which she hugs around herself. Her hair is long and stylish. Few other trendies take notice until she orders her coffee. Her voice isn't right and you can see that her shoulders are too broad. Now people are looking at her, but Chen doesn't bat an eyelash.

Chen, 24, isn't quite ready for her gender reassignment surgery and is living full-time as a woman.

All her life she's shared the famous characteristics that nature has given many thousands of people around the world. She feels trapped in a man's body.

Even in public school it was obvious Chen was different and considered weird and weak.

"Girls thought I was freak, teachers wanted me to become a macho man and boys played all kinds of practical jokes on me," said Chen, who works for a medical appliance corporation where she has found only a bit more understanding.

"My boss doesn't care about the gender issue as long as I can do my job well." Chen says her colleagues are a different story. She hears other salesgirls laugh and pass judgment on her. They don't realize that she has been tricked by nature. Chen doesn't let the chatter bother her. "If you don't care, it can't hurt you," she said.

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