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Online groups plan Xmas cat-killing spree

By XuYang Jingjing (Global Times)

10:55, December 19, 2011

Animal lovers are condemning and trying to halt an alleged organized attempt to abuse and kill over 1,000 cats on Christmas Eve.

Some Web users reportedly plan to kill 1,314 cats on December 24 in cities all over China, to pay tribute to the founder of an "Abuse and kill cats" online chat group, according to an animal protection activist in Beijing, who identified herself as Lynn.

The QQ chat group was uncovered by some animal protection activists who went online "undercover."

Lynn posted screenshots of the group's chat logs online over the weekend, which was widely circulated, raising outrage among animal activists.

"We hope the undercover activists will find more information," said Lynn, "We're trying to get more attention and hopefully stop them."

Over 40 members, including undercover activists, discussed methods of abusing and killing cats, according to chat logs provided by a Beijing-based cat lover who requested anonymity. She joined the group on December 5 before it was shut down three days later.

Members said they used drugs, arrows and air guns to kill cats, or threw them from tall buildings. They posted photos of cats bleeding out or being gutted, according to the chat logs.

They also said that they used fake ID cards and acted innocently to adopt cats from animal shelters, or used fish on a string to lure stray cats.

The QQ chat group has been blocked by Tencent, the instant messaging service provider, after animal lovers protested and reported inappropriate content. But a customer service operator from Tencent said there are no regulations against such discussions.

The alleged cat abusers have since assembled in other chat groups. Some animal protection activists managed to join and are keeping an eye on any movements, said Lynn.

The QQ numbers of the chat group founder and some members were exposed online but were not available to be befriended.

But it seems the killing will carry on as planned, a former member with the handle "Monster" told the Global Times yesterday.

The cat abusers plan to get together in Beijing on Christmas Eve, while those in other cities will post pictures or videos online, said Lynn.

There are many more such groups for users to discuss animal abuse. To join a "professional abuse group," Web users must gut open one cat and take out the eyes of another cat in a live video chat with the founder, according to the chat logs provided by the undercover cat lover.

One key member of the group wrote in her QQ signature after the group was barred that they want to organize a "cat killing party" on Christmas Eve, screenshots show.

Many cat lovers and volunteers are very anxious now and some have tightened approval or stopped adoptions altogether, animal welfare groups said.

"We advise concerned volunteers to go to the registered NGOs or neighborhood committees to seek help and alert people," said Zhang Dan, co-founder of the Beijing-based China Animal Protection Media Salon.

"It's best if the government could step in, otherwise there's very little individuals can do," said Zhang.

Zhang also sounded a note of caution, saying there was similar Internet outrage after last year's "bunny crush" incident, which turned out to be viral marketing for a fetish website.

"Oftentimes we feel helpless in dealing with such cases," said Zhang, adding that they will speed up making new legislation proposals.

China has no animal protection law, and the police can do nothing to stop such killings or plans.

Lynn said they were able to trace some of the members and will expose such information if necessary in order to stop the animal cruelty.

"Of course in the end we hope a law is established as soon as possible, that's the only way to protect these animals," said Lynn.

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Indunil at 2011-12-21112.134.64.*
People planning this sort of thing should definitely be sick. They should be shot so that humanity could be rid of such sickos.

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