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Weibo to start real-name registration

By Liu Linlin (Global Times)

10:18, December 18, 2011

The Beijing municipal government Friday published new rules for Weibo, the country's twitter like microblogging service, requiring real-name registration of users. The regulations are expected to be fully implemented within three months.

According to the rules on Beijing's Weibo management, Web users need to give their real names to website administrators before being allowed to post.

As the registrations are required at the backstage, Weibo bloggers, however, are free to choose their screen names and users only browsing don't need to submit their real names.

The regulations ban individuals and organizations from posting and duplicating illegal content, including information leaking state secrets, damaging national security, instigating ethnic turmoil and illegal rallies that disrupt social order, according to the Xinhua News Agency.

Microblog operators are showing support for the rules.

"We support the regulations," Peng Shaobin, general manager of Sina's microblog service department, was quoted by Xinhua as saying.

Fang Gang, vice president of Sohu, which also has a microblog service, said his company would support the government's efforts to improve the information flow on the Internet.

"There won't be room for our service to grow unless the authenticity and trustworthiness of information are ensured," Fang said.

Meanwhile, the rules require websites to get approval from the Beijing Internet information office (BIIO) to operate microblogging services in Beijing. These websites are obligated to ensure the authenticity of their users' identities, and protect the privacy of microbloggers, the office said.

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Marian Rosenberg - Haik at 2012-02-11113.58.245.*
The real name registration is a joke. As part of real name registration, I wasn't allowed to use my real name but instead had to use a Chinese name. However, the real name registration accepted my passport number as my real ID even though my passport number is nothing at all like a Chinese ID number.
elee at 2011-12-18183.39.31.*
Using real names system is fine and accepatble providing always that Service Providers are using State of the Art Auto-System to prevent any staff member from exercising corrupt practices to "steal or sell or spy or broadcast" on any individual for any other unathorised party. This being said, is that no one can trust human inputs in any system, not just China but every where else. Then, how will this system be guaranteed secure enough?

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