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China Red Cross denies buying costly Apple computer

By Li Qian   (Shanghai Daily)

19:08, December 16, 2011

THE Chinese Red Cross Foundation dismissed online allegations that it had spent tens of thousands of yuan on an expensive Apple laptop, saying no employees and departments have made the purchases.

Photocopies of invoices for a Macbook Air and mouse were posted online, suggesting CRCF had spent 10,546 yuan (US$1,663.1) on the expensive gadgets on December 14, drawing widespread public anger.

The poster named "v xiaojing'er" wrote on Chinese microblog that she mistakenly took the invoice at an Apple official dealer and later discovered the welfare foundation had apparently lavished donation money on the costly gadgets.

The accused charity organization responded to the criticism last night. Its accounting department hadn't received any invoices for refunds, according to the foundation's official website.

However, the explanation didn't convince the outraged poster "v xiaojing'er."

"The organization might put the blame on individuals, saying someone malicious made the invoices out in the name of Red Cross," she tweeted.

The Red Cross Society of China hasn't made further comments.


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Ian Goss at 2011-12-19124.180.91.*
If they bought a laptop that is as well-built as any, will will have no downtime due to viruses and is easy-to-use, with Chinese language support, and a ROI that is the highest in the computer industry, WTF is the problem?
wende at 2011-12-1671.251.41.*
It would be a shame if China's Red Cross does that. High overhead expense eats up the donation that the Red Cross uses to help those people in need. The efficiency of Red Cross is measured by the percentage of funds it uses up in overhead. An organization with 5% overhead is more efficient than one that has a 10% overhead.

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