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Crazy English couple go to court

(China Daily)

09:00, December 16, 2011

Kim Lee (center), the wife of Li Yang (right), founder of a famous English-language education institution in China, talks to reporters after the couple's divorce hearing at a Beijing court on Thursday. Provided to China Daily

BEIJING - The wife of Li Yang, founder of a well-known English education institution in China, Crazy English, is determined to divorce her husband and is fighting in court to get the properties she says she deserves from the marriage.

"I don't want to ask for houses or money from my husband, but I'll fight for my deserved properties and insist on divorce," Kim Lee said on Thursday after she walked out of a court in Beijing where their case was heard for the first time. "I'm trying my best to win custody of the three girls, and I'm considering going back to United States with them, if they are willing."

"China has no clear laws against domestic violence on women, which means I may not get much compensation if I sue him for that reason, so I have to protect myself and ask for what I deserve through the divorce," she said, adding that she was very sad to see her husband in the court.

In Lee's micro blog posts after the court hearing, she said Li applied in court for custody of the children and asked her to pay child support.

The Aoyuncun court, which is affiliated with the Beijing Chaoyang district people's court, did not announce a verdict after hearing, while judges are still trying to mediate the couple. The date of a next hearing is also pending.

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