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Doctor takes emergency practice online

By Wang Xiaodong (China Daily)

08:42, December 16, 2011

BEIJING - "Who's next?" asked a middle-aged woman wearing a blue gown as nurses trailed behind her.

"Yes, bed No 32, an epilepsy patient."

She then hurried toward the patient, who was lying in bed trying to sit up a little.

Before the word "doctor" could come out of the patient's mouth, she started her inquiries and was telling the nurses what to do next.

It is a little after eight in the morning, and 37-year-old Yu Ying, an emergency doctor from Peking Union Medical College Hospital, is checking her patients in a ward crowded with dozens of beds.

Patients young and old, lying or half-sitting, some with various plastic tubes connected to different parts of their bodies, wait for treatment.

Yet in addition to helping patients in hospital, Yu also publishes her experiences as an emergency doctor online, making her a cyber celebrity.

"This is quite an exciting one. A patient just came to the emergency room, saying she just inhaled a needle into her lung. She had held it between her lips when she was doing embroidery. Here is a scan of the lung. Onlookers, don't make such stupid mistakes!"

In two months since she opened her micro blog on Sina weibo on Oct 7, she has attracted more than 300,000 fans with her 500-plus stories recording her experience as an emergency room doctor in the most renowned and one of the busiest hospitals in China.

"Your stories are so vivid and lively. They are the best material for patients and their families," said a netizen named Gordon10.

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