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Xi'an businessman donates school bus

(Global Times)

08:14, December 16, 2011

A young businessman from the Chang'an district in Xi'an, the capital city of Shaanxi Province, donated a school bus to Dongcao village on Wednesday morning, the Xi'an Evening News reported on Thursday.

The school bus will help the students in the village commute from home and school more conveniently, said Li Chengmin, the Party secretary of the village.

The yellow bus, with school bus signs on all sides, can seat 27, and every seat has a seat belt. The bus is also equipped with extinguishers and emergency hammers.

A GPS device, car camera, medicine chest, carpet and other support facilities to guarantee passenger safety was to be installed, said the Xi'an businessman Li Ning, adding that a professional driver had also been hired to drive the bus.

"It cost 240,000 yuan ($37,660) in total," Li said.

The students were very excited when they first saw their new school bus. "Twenty-seven seats are only for 27 persons. Overloading is not allowed. Another trip can be made if there are more students," said the driver.

"Students have to travel 5 li (half a kilometer) to go to school," a villager named Chang Jianzhang said. The minibuses and three wheeled vans normally used to transport children to and from school were often overloaded, and parents were therefore concerned about the safety of their children.

On December 11, the State Council Legislative Affairs Office announced "School Bus Safety Regulations" which encouraged the public to donate school buses to transport children to school.

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