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Macao to publish room rate on permanent basis for visitors


09:25, December 15, 2011

MACAO, Dec. 14 (Xinhua) -- Rates of different hotels and guesthouses room categories will be published on official website on a permanent basis as a reference for residents and visitors, Macao Government Tourist Office (MGTO) announced on Wednesday.

Starting from Dec. 15, MGTO will publish the room rates submitted by the hotel industry, so as to increase transparency and help consumers to make a more informed choice.

According to the current regulation, all hotels and guesthouses need to inform MGTO of any revised room rates. The rate of a rented room should not be higher than the registered one and MGTO will conduct investigation upon receiving complaint.

Guests can check hotel information and the published room rates at MGTO website ( or call Tourism Hotline 28333000 to file complaint, according to MGTO.

During May 1 Labor Day holiday this year, MGTO published for the first time the rates of different hotels and guesthouses room categories reported by the trade ahead of the holiday. This measure, also implemented during National Day holiday and Macao Grand Prix, was well received and MGTO decided to publish the rates on a permanent basis.

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