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Something's cooking for biofuel gutter oil (5)

By  Xie Yu and Wang Hongyi  (China Daily)

09:21, December 15, 2011

A lack of raw materials

Despite its legal status, Jiangsu Clean is finding it difficult to gain access to the raw materials. Song told China Daily that his company reclaims "50 percent" of the gutter oil produced in the city every day.

However, according to Lu Fengchao, who drives an oil tanker for Jiangsu Clean in Suzhou, the company can only reclaim 20 percent of the city's daily output of gutter oil. "The rest is seized by illegal collectors. They've got a network. Almost every day, we have confrontations with them, you know, to fight for the gutter oil. But they can gather a group of thugs with one phone call and we have no choice but leave the oil to them," he said.

Moreover, even though Jiangsu Clean is the only collector approved by the Suzhou government, some restaurant owners simply ignore the regulations. "The owners, especially the canteen managers in big factories and companies, mostly State-owned, simply refuse to provide us with the used oil because we don't have to pay them. Instead, they sell it to illegal collectors for about 4,000 yuan a ton," Lu said.

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Sam Teng at 2011-12-16175.136.52.*
Biofuel gutter oil should not be used for cooking purposes because of its harmful effects on health of human. The Chinese government should make it illegal for manufacturers to sell recycled oil for human consumption, and should take legal action against errant manufacturers.The oil, if used repeatedly, could lead to hypertension, damage to the liver and a potential cause of cancer.The Chinese government should set a minimum standard for cooking oil so that errant manufacturers cannot escape legal action.

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