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Stranded container ship rescued near Shanghai, no oil slick reported


08:26, December 15, 2011

BEIJING, Dec. 14 (Xinhua) -- An Antigua and Barbuda-registered container vessel carrying 106 tonnes of oil was tugged to a local shipyard for repair on Wednesday after getting stranded 15 days ago in waters near east China's Zhoushan city.

A command officer for the rescue department of the Ministry of Transport said all 12 crew members were rescued and are in good health.

The officer said the 7,170-tonne vessel ran aground off an island in northern Zhoushan on Nov. 30 after gale-force winds caused damage to a compartment, resulting in water entering the hull. The ship was on its way to Shanghai from Busan, the Republic of Korea.

During the rescue, the Shanghai bureau placed containment booms around the cargo ship to prevent possible oil slicks, and started cleaning up the oil on the ship. No oil slick has been reported so far.

The vessel was towed to a nearby anchorage last week to shelter from strong winds before being brought to the shipyard.

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