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Gutter oil under control: authorities

By Zhang Xiulan (Global Times)

14:21, December 14, 2011

Police have busted 60 gutter oil producers across the country in the past three months, and the production and sale of the toxic cooking oil is now under control, the Ministry of Public Security said on Monday.

The ministry launched a nationwide campaign in August to crack down on the illegal production and sale of gutter oil, or oil made from old cooking oil and food waste. During the campaign, more than 120 cases had been cracked, over 700 suspects detained, and 60,000 tons of gutter oil seized.

The gutter-oil production network was spread across 28 provinces and municipalities, according to the statement issued by the ministry. The ministry said they also shut down some workshops that produced gutter oil under the guise of producing biological diesel oil.

Even still, the public should remain vigilant of some enterprises and persons, the ministry warned.

According to Chongqing police, some licensed cooking oil enterprises are also involved in the finishing processes and marketing of gutter oil.

Some wholesalers now blend gutter oil with qualified products to avoid being detected, while seeking exorbitant profits.

"Blending makes it more difficult to detect the workshops committing the crimes," a Chongqing police officer told the Beijing News.

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