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China's black market boosts deadly ivory trade


09:05, December 14, 2011

707 raw elephant tusks were seized in south China's Guangxi Province on Apil 18, 2011.

Elephant tusks are highly sought after for use in Chinese sculpture, name seals and jewelry, and according to a survey conducted by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), rising demand in China's black market has become the most powerful drive for the illegal international ivory trade.

This year China surpassed Japan as the top consumer market for illegal ivory products in the world, and over half of the country's enterprises engaged in the processing and sales of certified elephant tusks have their fingers in the pie, reported Southern Weekend.

Since 2008, when China was approved as a buyer of government-owned ivory from South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe, ivory laundering has become an open industry secret.

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Shelley Finch at 2011-12-15197.177.178.*
You are decimating our Rhino and Elephant here in Africa. Leave our animals alone!
Karen Kendall at 2011-12-1565.36.99.*
Stop killing Africa"s wildlife . Your people are truly stupid for thinking that keratin is a cure for anything . Use a synthetic for your carvings nobody but the Chinese cares about carvings anyway .
Janet Goss at 2011-12-1566.30.110.*
To the good people of China: Rhino horn is not medicine. It has been scientifically proven to be keratin - the same as your fingernails and hair.I beg you to please stop using rhino horn and also to stop carving elephant tusks/ivory. The animals are now becoming near extinct from being killed for your use. If you do not stop it now, there will be no more rhino horn in the future and very little ivory for your carvers. Please have a heart and see that the decimation of Africa"s wildlife ceases.
Wildlife Warrior at 2011-12-1572.236.109.*
People who kill elephants and/or buy ivory, and realize what they are doing, should die. Morons.

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