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Carbon storage technology ramps up oil production, reduces carbon emissions


16:18, December 12, 2011

CHANGCHUN, Dec. 12 (Xinhua) -- Efforts to cope with climate change are often at odds with the practices used to stimulate economic growth. But a new technology being used in an oil field in northeast China may offer the dual benefits of more efficient oil extraction and the reduction of greenhouse gases.

Top Chinese energy producer PetroChina operates the Jilin Oil Field in the city of Songyuan in northeast China's Jilin province. The field is dotted with bright silver towers standing above its oil wells, connected to each other by a web of pipes that transports carbon dioxide to be injected into the ground.

Zhang Hui, chief geologist at the Jilin Oil Field Prospecting Institute, said the injected carbon dioxide can dissolve the crude oil and subsequently expand the oil volume, making it easier to retrieve greater quantities of oil.

The injection technique and oil retrieval process, referred to collectively as "Carbon Capture and Storage plus Enhanced Oil Recovery" (CCS-EOR), increases oil recovery efficiency rates by as much as 10 percent, compared to the older technique of using water to displace oil, Zhang said.

The field's annual oil production is about 5.6 million barrels and would decrease by 12 percent every year without the CCS-EOR technology, Zhang said, adding that the technology has allowed the field to stabilize its output.

The carbon dioxide used in the process is taken from the Changling Gas Field not far from the oil field. The field boasts natural gas reserves of 70.6 billion cubic meters, and its reserves contain a large amount of carbon dioxide.

"We found that over one-seventh of the total gas reserves were carbon dioxide. Figuring out how to extract clean gas without increasing emissions was a real headache for us," Zhang said.

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Hanno at 2011-12-1391.64.54.*
EOR does not reduce carbon emissions. That"s a propaganda lie by the industry.Obviously, the oil extracted itself produces emissions that have to be considered. And they produce more emissions than the carbon injected. So all in all it"s more emissions, not less.

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