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Readers help op brothers

(Shanghai Daily)

13:15, December 12, 2011

More than 222,800 yuan (US$35,164) has been raised to help two brothers with life-threatening medical conditions, following an appeal by their father.

Some 80 people have visited eight-year-old Xu Ping'an, who has leukemia, and Xu Pingkang, who was born in September with congenital heart disease, since their story was reported in Shanghai Daily and elsewhere three weeks ago.

The boys' 36-year-old father, Xu Xuebing, who with his wife Zhang Yuehong and Xu Ping'an came to Shanghai from Jiangxi Province in 2007, said he was moved by the kindness.

"We live with love around us," said the father.

Among Shanghai Daily readers moved by their plight was Janet Garland, who lives at the Emerald Community in Pudong's Kangqiao area.

She visited the family on December 4 and donated 11,700 yuan and clothing collected from her community.

"It was wonderful to meet the family. People keep asking me about their condition," said Garland yesterday.

Visitors also brought toys, candy, books and daily necessities to the family.

Though living in a tiny north-facing room without heating, they said this generosity brought them warmth.

The couple decided to have a second child, having been advised that blood stem cells from the baby's umbilical cord could help save Xu Ping'an, but discovered Xu Pingkang has congenital heart disease.

They had already spent all their savings and borrowed more than 100,000 yuan to treat their older son.

Now Xu Ping'an's operation is expected to be finalized before the Chinese New Year, his father said. The family is still trying to organize surgery for the baby.

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