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Chinese couple get death penalty, life in jail for intentional poisoning


15:53, December 09, 2011

LANZHOU, Dec. 9 (Xinhua) -- A woman has been sentenced to death and her husband to life in prison in northwest China's Gansu province after being convicted of intentionally poisoning milk that left three infants dead and 36 others sickened, a local court spokesman said Friday.

Ma Xiuling and Wu Guangquan, two dairy farmers from the city of Pingliang, were found to have deliberately added nitrite, an industrial salt, to fresh milk produced by their business rival, another local couple, in early April, a spokesman with the Pingliang Municipal Intermediate People's Court said.

Ma and Wu committed the act as a form of revenge against the other couple in the wake of several business disputes, the spokesman said.

The couple have lodged appeals, he said.

Thirty-nine people in Pingliang were hospitalized after drinking the tainted milk in April. Three toddlers died as a result of drinking the milk.

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