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Names of latest inductees to the Academy of Engineering announced

By Hao Di (Global Times)

09:49, December 09, 2011

Sixty new members, including six foreign engineers, have been elected as members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) in recognition of their accomplishments, the CAE announced on Thursday.

After this year's election, China's top academic institution for engineering sciences has handed out the honor title to a total of 783 Chinese and 42 foreign engineers from around the world.

Xu Rigan, deputy head of the CAE in charge of the election, told the Global Times the CAE elected internationally renowned foreign scientists, who have made great contributions to China's scientific and technologic development.

"We will give priority to our foreign members when organizing international academic activities," said Xu.

Xu told the Global Times that "Our members should have achieved outstanding scientific achievements regardless of their careers and positions. The CAE has requirements on members' morality as well."

According to Xu, 54 new Chinese members were elected out of 485 candidates after three rounds of selection and with approval from the State Council.

But the CAE member selection has sparked discussion over its procedures and candidates.

A netizen named "genshen" posted a list of 33 experts online in November before the official announcement, claiming they would be among the new members, the Legal Mirror reported. The list proved to be "highly accurate," as it included 32 of the new members.

Officials from the CAE said the list may have been leaked by one if its members, which is against regulations.

The CAE consists of members with the highest honors in engineering and technological sciences. Meanwhile, the Chinese Academy of Sciences is for natural sciences and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences focuses on philosophy and social sciences.

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