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Online praise for embassy car

(Global Times)

09:31, December 09, 2011

A microblog posting from the Canadian Embassy to China Wednesday has sparked an extensive online discussion about Chinese officials' misuse of government cars.

Canadian Ambassador David Mulroney posted a picture of the Toyota Camry Hybrid he uses, and said that government cars are rarely seen in Canada.

"Only Minister or Deputy Minister-level officials have government-authorized vehicles in Canada," he said in the Sina Weibo post, explaining there are certain requirements for executive vehicles.

For example, they should be gasoline-electric hybrids or low emission vehicles. Maximum price limits are CAD $27,000 ($26,711) for Deputy Ministers and eligible senior officials, and CAD $32,400 for Ministers, Ministers of State and Secretaries of State, according to the Canadian government's Directive on Fleet Management.

The entry received around 900 comments and 2,500 reposts by yesterday evening. Many Web users approved of the Canadian government's rules on official car use, saying it is better than China, where a village official can use an Audi or a Bentley.

"I provided the information because we get a lot of questions about how we operate at the embassy, what rules govern our work, and how much money we spend. This information is all readily available to Canadians who ask," said Ambassador Mulroney in an e-mail reply to the Global Times yesterday.

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