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Kids' comic for anti-tiger mom advice

By Li Ying (Global Times)

09:30, December 09, 2011

Cartoon-style pictures, drawn by two 10-year-old girls giving their peers advice on how to deal with strict tiger mothers and wolf fathers, have become an online hit.

The comic strips, drawn by a girl nicknamed Dang Dang, a grade-four pupil in Fengtai district and her friend Deng Ya, become popular after Dang Dang's father posted them on Sohu Weibo Sunday.

Drawn with blue pen in an exercise book, there are about 20 scenes showing what children can do when their parents scold them.

The advice includes suggestions like looking and thinking about other things if your mum gets angry. If she gets loud, you can start crying and jump into her arms, and when she finishes, sing a song, or pretend that you are going to leave home.

"I started drawing these pictures when I felt really sad when my mum scolded me after I got a bad mark in an exam recently," siad Dang Dang.

"I'm going to share them with my classmates, who are always scolded by their parents, but of course I won't let my teachers know this," she said.

Dang Dang's father, 35, a Taobao shop owner, said he believes the drawings reflect their relaxed parenting style.

"By sharing the comics, I want to raise the idea that children should be given more freedom rather than being scolded," the father said, confessing that he once suggested ways in which Dang Dang could "deal with her mum."

"My daughter and I have quarrels now and then, but I'm not that harsh," said Dang Dang's mother, 35, a middle school history teacher, who said she thought the cartoons were funny.

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