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Red Cross receives fewer individual donations this year

(Global Times)

09:45, December 08, 2011

Times are tough at the Red Cross Society of China (RCSC). Due to a few scandals this year, the organization has collected fewer donations from individuals, according to a report delivered at its council meeting on Wednesday.

In 2011 the RCSC collected 4.19 billion yuan ($6.6 billion), among which 1 billion yuan was raised by its headquarters, 1.02 billion by provincial branches and the rest by lower level branches.

Personal donations account for only a small portion, said Zhao Baige, executive vice president of the RCSC, but she did not reveal the exact number. The RCSC is working on detailed data for where personal donations have dropped.

The drop is partially due to a lack of major disasters this year, such as massive earthquakes. But, much of the blame has been cast on the Guo Meimei scandal from earlier this year.

The country's philanthropic organizations suffered a heavy blow after June 20, when the 20-year-old woman flaunted her wealth on the Internet, claiming she was a manager at the RCSC. The RCSC later denied any involvement with her.

The scandal exposed various problems in RCSC management, such as its ability to read public opinion. Trying to fix the problem, the RCSC has made several improvements regarding the collection and management of funds. For example, it launched a database, so people could track their donations online. It will also designate public relations workers to handle criticism from the public.

The RCSC said it has spent a total of 2.194 billion yuan on disaster relief and post-disaster reconstruction while 1.755 billion yuan went to humanitarian aid in 2011. The two accounted for 90 percent of its relief funds and materials this year.

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