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Powder buyers want refunds

(Global Times)

09:36, December 08, 2011

Meiji Dairies Trading (Shanghai) said some consumers have been requesting refunds after hearing of radioactive contamination in the company's baby formula, said a customer service representative. A report of radioactive baby formula in Japan set off fears of such contamination in China.

The representative said Meiji infant milk powder sold in China is produced in Australia and has not been contaminated with any radioactive elements.

On Tuesday, the Meiji Dairies Corporation in Japan discovered some batches of the baby formula contained excessive radioactive cesium, up to 30.8 becquerels per kilogram.

Meiji Japan said the contamination may have happened during the drying process, during which the product is exposed to open air. The production factory is located 434 kilometers away from Fukushima, according to the China News Service (CNS).

But, the affected milk powder was produced before the nuclear disaster in the March earthquake, according to Meiji.

The corporation said when the milk powder is dissolved in hot water, the cesium will not become active to a level dangerous to humans, but said it will still recall 400,000 tins, the CNS reported.

Meiji's Shanghai unit told the Shanghai-based National Business Daily it only recalled milk powder in Japan, and confirmed the Meiji powder in China is from Australia.

But, some retailers are still proceeding with caution. told the Global Times it decided to take the powder off its website after the scare broke.

The company said it is waiting to hear more from Meiji before it puts the powder back on the website. But, Taobao said powder purchasers should negotiate their refunds with the Taobao vendors.

China has banned milk powder imported from Japan since last year, after the outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in cattle in Japan and extended it due to radiation leaks this March, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) said in a statement.

The remarks were intended to allay concerns of Chinese customers, Xinhua reported. Meanwhile, the firm's milk powder products made in Australia must be inspected before entering China's market and carry labels showing the place of production, said the AQSIQ.

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