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Ill-starred hotels lose their rating

(Global Times)

09:33, December 08, 2011

A total of 131 star-rated hotels in Beijing, including a five-star hotel, lost their star rating after failing in the evaluation conducted by the tourism authority, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development announced Tuesday.

The hotels have not been downgraded to a lower star rating, but have had all the stars removed.

The 131 hotels include Beijing Marriott Hotel West, a five-star hotel, 12 four-star hotels, 55 three-star hotels and 63 two-star and one-star hotels in the capital, breaking the record of 97 hotels which failed the evaluations in 2009.

The result of the evaluation, which began in January, shows that 82 percent of the 729 targeted star-rated hotels in Beijing reached the standard, while 131 failed.

Li Yuhua, a representative from the previously four-star Beiyuan Hotel, said that they had sent an application to postpone the evaluation, and had received approval from the commission.

"I don't know why our stars were removed, as we were given permission to skip this evaluation. We are going to renovate our hotel," Li said.

Poor management and service, safety problems and poor sanitary conditions are the main reasons for losing star status, said Song Jun, a media official of the commission.

However, hotels can apply for a new evaluation to get their star rating back after rectification.

"No hotel can enjoy a permanent star status in Beijing," Song said.

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