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Abbot arrested for fatally poisoning his patient

(Global Times)

09:29, December 08, 2011

An abbot at a temple in Beijing's Changping district has been arrested for illegally practicing medicine which resulted in the death of one of his patients, the Beijing Times reported on Wednesday.

On July 2, a patient surnamed Wang, was fatally poisoned after taking a prescription made by the abbot. It was later discovered that Wang died from taking Aconitine, the report said.

The abbot, surnamed Zhang, said at first he supervised Wang when he gave him the Aconitine, which can poison a person if misused. But after a while Zhang eventually stopped monitoring his patient as he was not familiar with the deadly effects of the medication. He bought the medicine from a pharmacy in Anguo county in Hebei Province, but has never had any contact with the seller.

Zhang claimed that he learned traditional Chinese medicine from his father and has studied it ever since he was a child. He claimed that he has cured many people who have suffered from rheumatism by using a homemade prescription. The abbot also said he has been examining patients free of charge since April 2010.

According to the police, Zhang never obtained a license to be a doctor and is suspected of illegally practicing medicine.

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