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Bike repairman turning the wheels of success

By Yang Jie (

08:44, December 08, 2011

The hard and inspiring life of a bicycle repairman at one of China's top universities has become unlikely online sensation, Beijing News reported Wednesday.

Ren Yuhua decided to share his story on social networking sites in the hope of inspiring students to appreciate their luck in life.

"I share my Beijing story because I want to encourage college students to work for their dreams and never give in to difficulties," said the former village boy from North China's Hebei province who has been trying his luck in the capital since 1999.

The 29-year-old junior high graduate, who manages a tiny bicycle repairing shop in Beijing's Tsinghua University, recalled his early days in the metropolis as nothing but desperate. He used to do a number of jobs - working at construction sties, driving illegal taxis, collecting rubbish - but all led nowhere.

The pressure to make ends meet in the capital was so huge that Ren attempted suicide many times. "First I thought about killing myself by lying on rails and letting a train run me over, but an old man appeared. I didn't want anyone to see my dead body. Then I thought about jumping into a river, but a teacher appeared. Finally, I tried hanging myself late at night where I lived, but the rope severed while I was struggling," Ren wrote in the posts.

Later diagnosed with schizophrenia, Ren was admitted to hospital. The healing life of the hospital helped calm him down, and he realized that success was attainable only when he came down to earth and worked diligently.

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