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Chinese consumers worried about contaminated Meiji milk

By Jin Jianyu (Global Times)

08:28, December 08, 2011

Japan's Meiji Holdings began recalling 400,000 cans of infant milk powder, contaminated by radioactive cesium, on Tuesday. Photo: Courtesy of Japan's Meiji Holdings.

Many Chinese milk consumers said they will stop purchasing Japanese Meiji products after the company said that radioactive cesium was discovered in their infant milk powder on Tuesday.

"I was supposed to ask my aunt to purchase some Meiji milk powder products in Japan because of the high quality," a pregnant Beijing resident told the Global Times on Wednesday.

"But I do not plan to buy their products and will purchase American or Dutch milk powder instead," she said, adding she would not purchase any Japanese food either as it might also be contaminated with radiation.

She also said that one of her relatives, whose child drank the contaminated milk, was extremely nervous about the physical harm which could come to her child.

Separately, numerous Sina microbloggers also expressed their concern over other Meiji products, such as Meiji chocolates.

"Are Meiji chocolates also contaminated since its milk products are polluted?” asked one Web user named "Shenshenzhou" who posted the message Wednesday on Sina Weibo, China's Twitter-like service.

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