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Cleaner dies after fracas with student

(Global Times)

09:24, December 07, 2011

A campus cleaner died at Beijing Film Academy (BFA) following a fight with an Audi-driving student, who was angry the cleaner's garbage tricycle was blocking his way.

Haidian district police confirmed they detained a suspect for investigation.

Web users have been quick to criticize the student as yet another example of a rich young person behaving badly.

BFA confirmed the incident, stating on their official Sina Weibo account that around 3 pm Monday, a student had an argument with a cleaner because of "inappropriate parking." They hit each other, which led to the death of the cleaner.

The post was forwarded over 2,500 times, with many comments saying it was an incident in which "another brain-damaged fuerdai (second generation rich) failed to respect the poor as equals," or blamed BFA for being a school "full of rich and famous students doing whatever they feel like."

Although neither police or BFA identified the victim or suspect, media reports said the cleaner was a 43-year-old, surnamed Wang from Cangzhou, Hebei Province, and the student is surnamed Gong.

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The student should be stand trial and charge for 2nd degree murder no matter he is rich or poor

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