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Small village coughs up big bucks for lonely men

(Global Times)

09:11, December 07, 2011

A local government in Libo county, Guizhou Province, has gotten into the wing-man business, offering a 3,000 yuan ($463.8) reward to women who marry a man from the impoverished village.

Wei Jijin, the Party chief of Yaolu village, told the Global Times that the reward has been available place since September 2009, and five couples have claimed it.

Yaolu is a poor village, so the local women prefer to marry men from wealthier areas, leaving the guys in Yalu to fly solo, according to Wei.

The village has a population of 1,500 residents, among them are 300 single men legal age for marriage.

There are 61 bachelors more than 30 years old, and the oldest of them is 62, according to the website of the China News Service (CNS).

Yaolu is an ethnic minority group village, with an annual per-capita income of 2,000 yuan, said CNS.

"The poverty not only causes young women to marry someone from outside the village, but also caused young men to seek jobs in other areas," said Wei.

However, the Party chief said, men seeking jobs elsewhere often come home after not being able to find wives. The young men expecting to marry a hometown woman have not found their match either.

"We are still expecting the policy to help the situation for bachelors in our village," Wei told the Global Times.

Wei said they have not received official approval from the county government, but suggested officials don't mind the policy.

An economics professor at Guizhou University told the China News Service that offering a reward to encourage women from outside the village to marry a local won't keep people in the village after the wedding.

"After all, no one wants to lose a lifetime of happiness for just 3,000 yuan," the professor said.


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