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131 star-rated hotels lose status in Beijing


09:01, December 07, 2011

BEIJING, Dec. 6 (Xinhua) -- A total of 131 star-rated hotels in Beijing lost their star status after a re-evaluation by the capital's tourism authority, said the Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development (BTD) Tuesday.

Targeting the 729 star-rated hotels in Beijing, the result of the evaluation launched in January revealed that 82 percent of the hotels have been up to the standards, while 131 have failed and their star grades would be removed.

The 131 hotels include one five-star hotel, 12 four-star hotels, 55 three-star hotels and 56 two-star hotels, as well as seven one-star hotels, said Sun Weijia, deputy director of the BTD.

Poor management and service, safety problems and poor sanitary conditions are mainly blamed for the removal of the star status, said Zhou Shuqi, a spokesman for the BTD.

After rectification, these hotels can apply for re-evaluation and win back their star status next year, Zhou said.

"Star-rated hotels do not enjoy permanent star status in Beijing," said Zhou.

The re-evaluation cycle will be reduced from every five years to every three years. All the hotels in Beijing should not use the star status without legal approval, Zhou said.


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