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US woman seeks her roots in Yunnan

By Guo Anfei and Wang Xiaodong  (China Daily)

08:43, December 07, 2011

Zhou Yunlong (left) stands recently with Ming Foxweldon outside his home in Jiucheng village, Luxi county, the Honghe Hani and Yi autonomous prefecture in Yunnan province. Zhou is the son of Zhou Laohong, who is thought to be Foxweldon's biological father. Family members note a strong resemblance between the two. (China Daily Photo)

KUNMING / BEIJING - After six months of searching, a 21-year-old woman from the United States is now awaiting the results of DNA tests that could prove she has found her biological parents.

Ming Foxweldon, a student at the University of Vermont, came to Yunnan University in Southwest China's Yunnan province in June to study Chinese and look for her birth parents. She had been abandoned by them at birth in 1990 because her feet were slightly deformed, and she was adopted by a US couple as a 3-year-old at Kunming Orphanage.

"According to my orphanage records, I was born on Feb 4, 1990. But my presumed parents in Yunnan province told me I was born on Oct 19, 1990. Who is right? I don't know," She told China Daily.

Foxweldon said she was unable to walk until a Dutch man financed corrective foot surgery in a hospital in Kunming, capital of Yunnan province. After that, the US couple adopted her, and she has lived in the US with them ever since.

"I have always wanted to know my past, my history, why I was given up, and how my parents are now," she said.

In June, she decided to come back to the land of her birth. Through a partnership between the University of Vermont and Yunnan University, she came to China, with the support of her US parents.

At first, she had difficulty getting information about her life in Yunnan. Kunming Orphanage could not give her any useful information about her life before she was adopted because of the lapse of time. She had nothing but some childhood photos and certificates of abandonment. And language also posed a barrier.

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