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Beijing to get online water quality index

(Global Times)

08:41, December 07, 2011

Citizens in Beijing will be able to check the quality of the water they use every day by accessing an online checking system, set to be established by 2012, the Beijing Times reported on Tuesday.

The system will be launched by Beijing Health Inspection Institute, which also plans to build 20 water quality monitoring centers in the city, the report says.

So far, Beijing has built a number of monitoring centers to check on potable water, however, it does not mean tap water at home is safe to drink.

"The water, despite being safe when it comes from the pumping station, could get contaminated on the way to people's homes," said Zhang Junfeng, founder of the non-government water resource watchdog Happy Water Journeys.

"Broken pipes, sand deposits in the pipes and aging storage tanks in residential communities may deteriorate water quality," Zhang noted.

Although the water index can be provided, many still believe that the system will not be good enough to judge water quality.

"It's good to have this system, but I'll still have to see myself if there's limescale residue in my kettle," said Li Jie, who lives in Shuangjing.

During the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, there were two online water monitoring systems checking water in the Olympic village and the media village, the Beijing Times reported.

Beijing's water quality is quite good among cities in China, as most of the water is transported from certified sources, said Ma Jinya, secretary of the potable water committee from the China National Health Association, the Beijing News reported in November 2010.


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