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Hospital punished for abandoning patient

(Global Times)

08:18, December 07, 2011

The Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital in Xintian county, Yongzhou city, Hunan Province has been investigated and punished for abandoning one of its patients on Monday, reported Tuesday.

At 8:10 am on November 22, workers from the hospital's security department carried an injured patient, whom other patients had accused of being disruptive, out of the hospital. The man, unconscious at the time of his removal, was finally found outside the front gate of the hospital, according to the report.

The patient, surnamed Xie, got in a car accident while riding his motorcycle home on November 15. After receiving treatment in the Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital in Xintian county for several days, Xie remained physically able to walk but still exhibited signs of mental trauma. Many complaints about his disorderly behavior were voiced by other patients in the ward. At about 1:00 am on November 22, the physicians on duty asked the hospital's security staff to immediately handle the matter.

According to Liu Yufang, the head of the health bureau of Xintian county, all medical costs of the abandoned patient will be borne by the hospital.

Zheng Haiying, Xie's wife, said he was still unconscious at present. "If the hospital hadn't acted so irresponsibly, my husband would have already recovered," she added.


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