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Foundation launches special fund for training poor women


19:25, December 06, 2011

BEIJING, Dec. 6 (Xinhua) -- The China Women's Development Foundation on Tuesday launched a special fund for offering technical training to women living in poverty-stricken areas with the assistance of funds from a domestic institutional donor.

The Yijiakang Fund is named for the donor company, but the press release issued by the foundation neither gives the full name of the company nor tells about what industry it specializes in.

The special fund will be used to help poor women start their own small businesses, or train unemployed women or female factory workers that have been laid off in order help them find a job.

The funds will be directly donated by the company as well as its branches and franchise stores.

A series of scandals has shaken China's charity sector in recent years, making local charity organizations more prudent in the collection and distribution of charity funds.

Several different companies engaged in various industries operate under the name Yijiakang (meaning "making millions of homes healthy"), and could easily be found by searching on the Internet.


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