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Groups buy into scam

(Global Times)

10:23, December 06, 2011

"I do not trust group-buying websites anymore," said Li Li, a graduate student in Dalian, Liaoning Province, who recently bought fake lipstick on a group-buying website.

The Japanese branded lipstick was about 60 percent off the original price on the website, which encouraged Li's purchase.

But now, Li told the Global Times, she would rather pay the full price for a real one than possibly be cheated again.

"I found the lipstick brand's English name is misspelled, and the cap does not fit the bottle," she said. "If there is any possibility I will shop this way in the future, it will be through trustworthy websites, such as," she said.

Li may find herself frustrated again or even swearing to never visit group-buying websites if she knew that even well-known websites are also involved in counterfeit goods sandals.

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