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Abuse of mentally handicapped in Tongzhou alleged

(Global Times)

09:04, December 06, 2011

Police and labor supervision authorities are investigating reports of human rights abuses inflicted upon mentally handicapped workers in the Tongzhou district in Beijing. The results are expected to be announced later on Tuesday.

Shu Xinhong, a 39-year-old mentally handicapped person, was allegedly lured by Tian Jianjun from Hubei Province to work in a bean curd factory in Tongzhou at the beginning of this year.

Shu's mentally disabled wife, Yang Xiaolan, also went with him to work in the factory.

Shu died last month and Yang said her husband's death and injuries she sustained were the result of Tian's abuse, the Beijing News reported yesterday.

"We had to wake up at 4:00 am and work until 11:00 pm every day," Yang told the paper. "Tian would beat us up when we worked slower."

According to Yang, Shu was badly beaten days before his death, and Yang was slapped while trying to stop Tian.

But, Tian denied the allegations and blamed Shu's death on a "sudden heart attack." He said Yang's bruises happened when she fell down on her own.

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