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Concerns arise for 'manipulated' exam results

(China Daily)

09:01, December 06, 2011

BEIJING - The human resources authorities are investigating a case in which some candidates to government posts in Guizhou claimed that the results of the provincial civil servant recruitment exam were manipulated. It is alleged that the results of physical checks on candidates were tampered with, said a local official.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, which oversees the country's civil servant exams, dispatched a team on Saturday to Guizhou, in Southwest China, to investigate the case, Luo Yucheng, deputy director at the general office of Guizhou provincial department of human resources and social security, told China Daily on Monday.

As many as 133 of the 1,497 examinees who took the physical checks after passing the written exam and interview, were found to have an abnormal blood count, and thus disqualified, according to a report by China Youth Daily on Friday.

At least 10 applicants told the newspaper that they doubted the credibility of the physical check reports. Most of them went through similar physical checks in hospitals other than the Armed Police Guizhou Corps Hospital - the designated authority in this case - and claimed to have no irregularities.

Wang Xiaoyong, a 26-year-old university graduate who applied for a post in Jinhua township, was told that he had a higher blood pressure in the physical test conducted in August, which he thought was a mistake.

"I am a 100-meter racing champion," Wang told China Daily on Sunday. "I took a physical check in another hospital four days before the physical test and it showed that my blood pressure was normal."

To prove that his blood pressure was normal, Wang went through a physical check on the same day at the Guizhou Provincial People's Hospital, one of the best hospitals in the province. The report said that his blood pressure was found to be normal.

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