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Authorities aim to end child begging

By Zhang Xiulan (Global Times)

08:59, December 06, 2011

Chinese authorities will take measures to eradicate child begging in city streets by the end of 2012, Chen Shiqu, an official at the Ministry of Public Security, said on Monday.

Chen, the director of the anti-human trafficking office under the ministry, said in a Sina microblog interview on Monday that various ministries, including public security and civil affairs, will crack down on child abduction to ensure their rights and interests.

Chen also said that abduction and trafficking have now been brought under control.

According to Chen, DNA analysis technology has been used to crack down on the practice and a mechanism to gather information on missing children has also been set up.

A special campaign targeting trafficking in women and children was landed in April 2009 in which more than 1,500 children and women were rescued in the first two months, the Xinhua News Agency reported.

Chen has been using the microblog platform to collect information on abducted children with the help of Web users since December 2010, and more than 1,500 pieces of information have been verified.

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