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Case of worker's death remains unresolved

By Cao Yin  (China Daily)

08:41, December 06, 2011

A worker at an illegal tofu workshop in Tongzhou district in Beijing shows his hands, which have been seriously corroded by salt water used to produce tofu, on Saturday. (China Daily Photo)

BEIJING - A case involving a migrant worker, who died in an illegal tofu-making workshop in the capital, hangs in a limbo, the police released on Monday.

Shu Xinhong, a mentally-challenged farmer from Yunmeng county, Hubei province, died at the end of November in an illegal tofu-making workshop in Tongzhou district - home to a large number of migrant workers. The workshop's owners had disappeared by the time the local police came to investigate on Saturday, said a police officer of the district's public security sub-bureau, who did not want to be identified.

"We arrived at 3:45 pm on Dec 3, but no one was there. The illegal workshop had closed down already," he said, adding Shu's body had been sent back to his hometown.

However, he did not give the cause of Shu's death or any updates on the investigation. He said he was unable to contact Tian Jianjun, one of the owners. Tian had told Shu Wenzhong, Shu Xinhong's father, that his son had died of a heart seizure caused by choking up at a meal, according to Beijing News.

"We'll contact the police in Shu's hometown and continue looking for workers and employers involved in this case," the unidentified police officer added.

But the police in Wuluo township of Yunmeng county, where both Tian and Shu came from, told China Daily that Shu's body had been buried a week ago by his family.

"The two families reached an agreement. Tian compensated 150,000 yuan ($ 23,190) for the death of Shu and medical fees for Yang Xiaolan, Shu Xinhong's wife who was also injured working at the illegal workshop, after the local government intervened," a police officer with the public security bureau of the county, who also refused to give his name, said.

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