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Super car club in commercial drive

By  Wang Wen (China Daily)

09:01, December 05, 2011

Zhang Kuan (left) standing beside luxury sports cars with a member of his Super Car Club (SCC). The cars' owners, all members of the SCC, attended the opening ceremony for a fashion shop in Beijing. (China Daily Photo)

BEIJING - On the night of Nov 11, more than 150 super cars were driven into the Worker's Stadium where some of the most fashionable bars in the Chinese capital can now be found. Almost all models of super cars were present, including Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Paganis and Aston Martins.

"I had never before seen so many super cars on the street at one time," said He Shuai, a self-confessed party animal who had been drinking in local bars.

He guessed that a new bar was opening that night, but when he tried to enter the premises attracting super car owners, he was stopped because it is private, only serving members of the Super Car Club (SCC).

"The bar is our company's first property. We established a corporation based on the car club to enable it to operate for a long time," said Zhang Kuan, the SCC's founder and also the corporate representative of Beijing SCC Co Ltd.

Zhang said he did not like to call the venue a bar because it is more like a home for SCC members. They plan to establish more such bars around the country in the future.

Zhang, who is in his 30s, launched the SCC with some friends in Beijing in August 2009, almost a year after he bought his first super car - a Ferrari. The club has now expanded to 15 branches around the country and has about 500 registered members and 700 registered super cars.

In addition to other unscheduled activities, the SCC organizes members to attend big super car races, such as the annual Super Car Carnival in Shanghai. Zhang and several other co-founders have spent all their time and energy on the SCC over the past two years, he said.

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