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Schools failing on financial disclosure

(Global Times)

08:55, December 05, 2011

None of the 112 universities on the 2011 Project Universities List released by the Ministry of Education actively published any information regarding their financial resources, annual budget or financial usage, according to a recent report.

The report, released by China University of Political Science and Law Center of Research and Evaluation of Developing Legal Education on Thursday, is based on evaluation of the 112 universities from September 1, 2010 to September 1, 2011, the Legal Daily reported on Friday.

It aims to investigate and analyze information transparency of the universities according to legal standards approved by the ministry and implemented on September 1, 2010.

Financial information was cited as the most opaque issue among numerous other items. The 112 universities each earned a score of "zero" regarding whether they actively publish their financial resources and annual budgets. It's the only item with a zero score among the 28 items related to transparency, the report said.

All except four among the 112 universities were deigned as never having publishing any financial fund usage and management information, while the other four universities only released management regulation related to finances without disclosing any details regarding their use, the report said.

"Many universities' finances are in a mess and no one claims responsibility," said Wang Hongcai, an education expert with Xiamen University.

Lack of clear accountability is compounded by nepotistic relationships between schools and government officials, he said.

"State funds granted to universities are not equally disbursed among universities," said Wang. "If released, this data will no doubt incite public anger."

To solve the problem, the government should grant more rights to universities to realize their independence, particularly in a financial sense. Within the schools, administration, education and academic rights should also be independent, according to experts.


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Ang at 2011-12-0560.50.6.*
What type of strong action the ministry is going to take against the Universities in china. Demote all those who failed to disclose financial.
Ang at 2011-12-0560.50.6.*
What type of strong action the ministry is going to take against the Universities in china. Demote all those who failed to disclose financial.

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