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Fired officials back on the payroll

(Global Times)

08:46, December 05, 2011

Two officials discharged from their posts in October last year are back at work in Fuzhou, Jiangxi Province, the Southern Metropolis Daily reported.

Local online forum,, first released news the two former officials from Yihuang county had started their new posts with the Fuzhou city government on Friday.

The website shows Su Jianguo, the former county head, has been appointed as the director of the Fuzhou highway administration bureau, and Qiu Jianguo, the former county Party chief, will work as the director of the Jinchao economic development zone management committee.

Qiu and Su were removed from office for a forced demolition in which a man surnamed Zhong died after he set himself on fire. Two more were severely injured in the incident. Su then tried to smuggle the dead body from hospital with the help of dozens of people and physically injured Zhong's family.

A staff member at the Fuzhou highway administration confirmed the news with the Southern Metropolis Daily.

"Su has been working here for more than a week and there has been no permanent appointment. Maybe there are some procedures to complete," the staff member said. He said Su is reviewing documents in preparation for his job with the bureau.

The news of Qiu's comeback has not been confirmed. Posts on the Yihuang Bulletin Board System said he has been on duty for a week. The story has raised some eyebrows across the country.

"Some officials were appointed again only a year after they were dismissed, but who can say they won't do the same things again?" asked Wang Sixin, a law professor at the Communication University of China. "Is one year enough for officials to make up for the offences they've committed?"

In 2007, 25 people in Shanxi Province were penalized for poor treatment of kiln workers. Duan Chunxia, the former vice head of Yaodu district in Linfen, was appointed as district head assistant 10 months later. It caused widespread controversy after media reports. The appointment was eventually rescinded.


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See at 2011-12-0560.50.6.*
Is china so desperate to have guilty officers back to work at the government office. If so, then, the chinese government is only interested of his party member to get job then looking after the people interest and you call china Democratic with chinese characteristic

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