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Unsafe sex spreads new HIV cases

By Miranda Shek (Global Times)

08:53, December 01, 2011

Staff at Jing'an District Youth Service Center of AIDS Prevention prepare education and anti-prejudice promotion materials on Wednesday to distribute today for World AIDS Day. Photo: Lu Yun/GT

More than 80 percent of the newly reported HIV carriers in Shanghai this year were infected via unprotected sex, just over half of whom were homosexual males, local authorities said on Wednesday, ahead of today, which marks World AIDS Day.

During the first 11 months of the year, 1,294 HIV carriers were reported, an increase of 11.5 percent from last year, 51.9 percent of whom were gay men, while an overwhelming majority of the carriers, 880 of them or 68 percent of the demographic, comprised non-local Chinese residents, according to Shanghai Municipal Health Bureau.

But, while the latest numbers bring the city's total number of HIV/AIDS patients to 1,813 people, the rate of infection for the disease has been declining in the city in recent years, Xu Jianguang, director of Shanghai Municipal Health Bureau, told reporters at a press conference on Wednesday.

"But unprotected sex was responsible for the majority of new cases this year, with 82.5 percent of the city's newly reported HIV carriers contracting the disease from unsafe sex," he said. "Most of the new carriers were also male, accounting for 89.1 percent of those recently infected."

Xu added that a series of measures to raise awareness of AIDS has helped improve the overall situation in the city.

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