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Microblog politics

By Wen Ya (Global Times)

09:50, November 30, 2011

Wang Hui, director of the Beijing Municipal Government Information Office, has been busier than ever since she opened a Sina Weibo account, widely regarded as the Chinese version of Twitter, on November 17.

"I'm so busy I almost have no time to eat and can't get to sleep on time. Weibo really affects my life," Wang told the Global Times yesterday.

However, she is not a microblogging fanatic who posts every single moment of her private life online, but she spends at least one hour every day microblogging about her work.

She covers every aspect and details including environmental protection, health care, heating systems, vegetable supply and even constructions of public toilets.

"My principle is not to showcase too much on my Weibo and not to keep silent," she said.

The same day, under her advocation, Beijing Weibo Release Hall (BWRH) opened on Sina Weibo with 20 government departments registered on it. Along with Wang Hui, five other government spokespersons opened Weibo accounts.

By Monday, the number of BWRH fans hit nearly 3 million. Twelve out of the current 21 government organizations have set up private message channels on Weibo allowing Web users to mail them privately and establish personal communication, Beijing News reported.

The office suggested in a written notice recently that all government organizations in Beijing keep the channels open to the public.

"Setting private message channels allows citizens to tell us what they cannot say so conveniently in public, such as whistle-blowing and job hunting information," Wang said.

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