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Society needs more

By Miranda Shek (Global Times)

10:31, November 29, 2011

Jiang Xiaoping, 25, buries herself in paperwork behind her desk at a rundown office in an alley in Shanghai. This is her daily routine as a social worker at a primary school for migrant workers' children in the suburban Songjiang district.

"I am working a triple load," Jiang told the Global Times. "I will never get a colleague to help me out because the school cannot afford it."

Jiang received a bachelor's degree in social work from the East China University of Science and Technology two years ago, and she has been working for the primary school ever since.

"My monthly salary is around 2,500 yuan ($393), which is barely enough to live comfortably," she said. "I work at least 14 hours a day to help students cope with their problems, and have over 300 students to take care of."

Jiang said the school put up a recruitment notice for another social worker, but no one applied. The shortage of social workers is a common problem throughout the Chinese mainland.

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