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Corruption trial for one-time tax bureau head gets underway in capital

By Deng Jingyin (Global Times)

10:16, November 29, 2011

Wang Jiping (right), former director of the Beijing Local Taxation Bureau, heads to trial in Beijing First Intermediate People's Court on Monday. Photo: CFP

The trial of a former director of the Beijing Local Taxation Bureau began on Monday in the Beijing First Intermediate People's Court, 10 days after the original start date was rescheduled for an undisclosed reason.

Prosecutors allege Wang Jiping accumulated 10.47 million yuan ($1.6 million) through corruption and 4.35 million yuan by collecting bribes. Wang denied the allegations before the court on Monday.

Information on the trial is scarce because the court's media office refused to release details, but Wang's lawyers said they have proof of his innocence, according to Beijing Evening News.

The paper said Wang's lawyer, Yuan Wei from the JT&N Law Firm based in Beijing, claimed to have a solid case supporting his not guilty plea.

"Wang is accused of making 10.47 million yuan through corruption, but he never saw the 'corrupt money' since it was in company accounts," Yuan told the report.

He refused to reveal any more details about the case on Monday.

Authorities alleged Wang facilitated an agreement between his mistress, Zhao Yun, and the tax bureau to invest in creating a new company selling fiscal processors to merchants.

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